Astrology is here to help you build wealth

In Astrology, there are a variety of places where we can look for money. So, any benefic planets (Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Moon) in any of these following houses can be an indication of having the capacity to create wealth for yourself. These houses are the 2nd house, the 8th house, the 11th house, and the 6th house.

Now the 8th house deals with other people’s resources and has the nature of Scorpio.
Scorpio is a very turbulent sign therefore the money found here can be unreliable as you never know when it is coming and due to the money coming from other people, you can also never know for sure when someone is in the mood to give. Then the 11th house deals with lucky streaks. This is the sudden lottery earnings, the tweet that went viral and blew up your little business, or simply a friend putting you on and helping you make some money! Again, the nature of this house is unreliable because it belongs to Aquarius. Aquarius rules that which is unexpected. Then, something most people do not know is that the 6th house rules wealth as well. Why? The answer is simple: the 6th house rules your health and as long as there is breath in your lungs you can make something out of yourself. 

And the Astrologer in me finally brings me to the only money house in Astrology which is in your absolute control and this is the 2nd house. The first house also known as your rising sign is your
entry into the world and the 2nd is whatever you brought in your pockets when you chose this earth. The 2nd house is INTIMATELY yours and its also something nobody can take away from you because it’s been literally given to you. 

Like your family! For better or for worse…
You cannot change your bloodline you just gotta deal with it. So the planet that controls the 2nd house becomes the gift the universe gave to you to make something out of yourself. It doesn’t even matter where the planet is located in your chart, it doesn’t matter whether it’s not in a favorable position. We are human beings with free will who are on this earth with the power to move energy and bend the universe our way. 

And this is exactly what the money readings on are here to teach you.
How to harness the power of the planet that governs the 2nd house. How to move towards it and honor it even if it is in small ways.  You can look in all corners of the internet, and you won’t find these interpretations anywhere because they are a product of observations I have made throughout the years. Get your money reading today and stop doubting whether or not money is in the cards for you in this lifetime. There is an infinite amount of money circulating this earth at this very moment. Do not fall into the trap of a scarcity mentality. Money comes and goes but the power bestowed to you remains, always.

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