The 12th house and it’s magic

The 12th house is arguably the most misunderstood house of the zodiac.

Cheekily, I like to call the 12th house

the “all the lives matter” in our chart. Simply because it is true, it is in the 12th house where we are set free from the boundaries of this world. free from the blockages of culture and race. the 12th house is undoubtedly an universal experience the problem is that we are often not intentional about it.

Planets in the 12th house are often forgotten, left for last. Hence why people that have the ruler of their first house of self in the 12th house of self undoing often struggle to define who it is they are and what it is they seek to be in this life. They also struggle to not be so self sacrificing. Putting everyone before themselves. That’s also why the 12th house (Piscean energy) deals so much with martyrdom and victimization and people with many pisces placements often struggle to understand how it is that they always end up being the victim *cough* Kanye West (pisces moon)

The 12th house rules prisons and mental asylums but then it also rules our liberation.

In the bible, the happiest chapter is the chapter of Paul and ironically it was written from a jail. It is because through being in jail, confined to his thoughts that he finally realized truths about himself and his life in christ.

My analogy is this one: The 12th house rules over our sleep and no one just ever goes to sleep (unless you’re burned out) you have to shower, you have to lock the house, you have a certain routine you follow before you drift off.

You have to make sure certain things are okay.

No candle left on. No faucet leaking.

The same thing happens to planets in the 12th house, it is always a ritualistic experience to access them.

You can enter the 12th house through sleep,from being exhausted but you can also access it through meditation, through yoga, through solitude. Very often we wait until something pushes us to the 12th house. Wait for suffering to seep into prayer. wait for a break up to learn to be alone. wait for the burn out to choose to rest.

When actually, if we would just make the 12th house an integral part of our daily lives we would move through life better. if we did not leave our rest, our healing, our spirituality as the last thing to turn to but instead our daily vitamin to keep us going (opposition to the 6th house of daily commitments/work) you wouldn’t have to break down before the break through.

Intention is your key word when you have the 12th house heavy in your chart. You need to find the “why” of the planet sitting there through stillness.

With the moon in the 12th house you need to learn to be intentional about your emotions. (are you truly anxious or do you just hang around too many anxious people? – the moon in the 12th house is a sponge)

With Venus – your love life (Why is it that you always end up repeating the same pattern in love?)

with Mercury – how you communicate (Do you sit with your thoughts and really think about how it is you want to say what you want to say?)

with Jupiter – your belief systems (are they up to date? do you hold self sabotaging beliefs that keep you from the reality of what you want to accomplish?)

with Mars – your fight (okay you like a good fight, but are you fighting for what truly matters to you? or are you just kicking and screaming towards a lost cause?)

With Saturn – your burdened by responsibility, but what are you being responsible for ? (are you taking on the burdens of others and acting as if they were your own?)

With Sun – Are you being truly yourself? (or are you hiding parts of your identity because you’re afraid of the way it looks like in the world?)

The outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are generational planets so they are often felt on a generational level revolving matters of the planet involved.

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