The Mystery Of Midpoints

Do you ever wonder why by astrological sense – you shouldn’t be compatible with somebody but you still are?  Every planet in our chart can meet another planet in a point of harmony. This means that no matter how fucked up a relationship is between two planets-

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The 12th House And It’s Magic

The 12th house is arguably the most misunderstood house of the zodiac. Cheekily, I like to call the 12th house the “all the lives matter” in our chart. Simply because it is true, it is in the 12th house where we are set free from the boundaries of this world. free from the blockages of-


These poems are post a Saturn Return and a post Ayahuasca publishing choice. They are about a writer turned astrologer that thought she could give her own craft a second chance again. For Astrology enthusiasts, these poems are an intimate visit to someone’s 8th house. Bread & Butter invites you to think about how choices can affect generations, how sometimes the most simple of things end up being the most profound. The pain grows arms and legs sometimes, better use them to build something good.

Yakari Gabriel